Does it really exist?

Safe & Affordable Feral Cat Birth Control...

Yes Virginia! There really is safe & Affordable birth control for feral cats!

- The Editor

Believe it or not, the above statement is true. The purpose of this web site is to inform feral cat colony caretakers that there indeed is an affordable and safe feline contraceptive available to complement feral “Trap-Neuter-Return” (TNR) procedures. The contraceptive has been available since the 1950’s and is FDA approved for use in felines.

The use of feline contraceptive is NOT just a simple matter of giving a cat a pill. It is more involved than that. 

Please READ EACH & EVERY PAGE of this web site before attempting to administer feline contraceptives to a feral cat colony.

A small and dedicated handful of individuals are responsible for the birth of this site. This is a NON-PROFIT site and it is meant strictly for educational and informative purposes only.

This site does NOT sell or prescribe feline birth control. It is only an informative site to be used as a reference for veterinarians and caretakers of feral cat colonies to prevent unwanted feline pregnancies.

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