In loving memory of animals all over the world that have died because of humans.

I dedicate this site to all the animals in this world that suffer & die needlessly because of humans. I am a vegan & I do not consume animal products because of the cruel & inhumane treatment of animals for human food consumption. Someday, most all of the entire world will be vegan. All life is sacred nor can any be replaced.


Hungry Eyes...

Nightly I see their eyes. They are hungry eyes peering out from under buildings, bushes and dumpsters on a cold lonely winter night. Their piercing stares are a vacuum of emptiness and suspicion when I first arrive. Their ears perk and their bodies crouch down low as I approach the feeding stations. After placing their nightly meal down, they watch as I retreat back to the warmth of my vehicle. I glance back and they scurry out from their hiding places and hurriedly begin devouring every morsel of food, cautiously looking around for enemies as they dine.  They gulp the food as if it were their last meal. They quickly finish their meal and gaze at me once again. Their eyes are different now.  I briefly catch a faint glimmer of hope and thankfulness in those saddened but still cautious eyes. Each of them hunker down and watch as I leave, wondering if I will return tomorrow with another warm meal.


 These are the eyes of feral cats. Unwanted and ignored by

so-called “good people”. They are just a few of the millions of unwanted animals robbed of a decent and humane life because they are victims of a political and social system that is underfunded and apathetic towards a growing nationwide animal problem.


 I would like to apologize to all of them for not being able to protect them and provide each one of them a decent life.


 I lovingly dedicate this site to all of them that suffer daily because the rest of us began caring too late and because some of us never cared at all.

—Dean Jones, 2012




Dedications, remembrances and greetings

Shout outs go to my good friend Jim Phelps...some of you on the Topix thread knew him as James. Jim inspired me to create this web site as a means to inform other feral cat colony caretakers out there that there is indeed affordable and safe birth control available to feral caretakers. If this website helps prevent just one single litter of unwanted kittens from being born into a feral colony, then my efforts will have been worth it.


Thanks also to those of you from the old Topix thread that have contributed so greatly to the discussion. Greetings to Barbara in FL for her valuable research on the side effects of megestrol acetate. Without her work, some veterinarians would never have prescribed MA for their patients. There are many others that have contributed to that thread: Bert, Ginger, Janey, Kathryn, and many, many others. My apologies if I have missed someone.



If you find any information on this web site useful to you, please consider making a donation to your local animal or rescue shelter, or better yet, how about adopting an animal from a shelter. If you do not have a local shelter in your area, please consider making a donation to Fairchild Foundation. Thank you!


Don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die! Adopt today.







Stubby Jones 1995-2010

Someone locked him in our pet taxi in our garage in July 1995. We came home to find him nearly dead from fleas. He was our pride and joy for almost 15 years. There will never be another  one like him. RIP my son.