We hope we have helped you out & made this easy to understand.

Yes, I have seen it work effectively for almost 9 years. Hundreds of other users can report the same results as I do. MA is an affordable, safe, and easy to administer feline birth control for feral cat colonies.

You can try offshore/online foreign pharmacies. Use these at your own risk. With Google it is very easy to find MA without an RX. You have the whole world at your fingertips with Google—use it! You can also see our SITE UPDATES page as we have now found MA on Ebay WITHOUT a prescription! Search Ebay for “Nonovulin” from Bulgaria.

All drugs have side effects. We have thoroughly covered this on the web site & it was discussed extensively on the old Topix discussion thread. Read over my website entirely & then draw your own conclusions as to safety of MA in LOW doses. Please remember that most all of the negative publicity on MA is from studies that involved VERY HIGH doses of MA! Much higher than the small amount we are using. Remember, it takes a very miniscule amount of MA to prevent estrus—an amount smaller than a grain of sand. Also remember that POLITICS & MONEY play an important role in whether an oral contraceptive drug for cats & dogs is brought to the consumer. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself on what I think of the ACCD & its “deep pockets” corporations! Follow the money trail...enough said.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO! I do NOT sell MA! Please do not email me asking me to sell you MA. Megestrol acetate in the USA is only available by RX from a veterinarian. Have your vet look over this web site & maybe he/she will prescribe it for you. Check our UPDATES page if you’re having trouble finding it.

Where can I buy megestrol acetate? Do you sell MA?

Are there side effects to megestrol acetate? Why do some feral rescue groups and the ACCD not endorse MA?

My vet won’t prescribe MA, what do I do now?

Are you sure that MA works to control births of feral colonies?

People like us, who spend most of our “free” time rescuing homeless cats & dogs, always offer one big reason for spaying or neutering: the appalling pet overpopulation problem that results in thousands of pets being euthanized (killed) every day.  Some 70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the U.S. Only 10% of animals admitted to shelters have been spayed or neutered prior to arrival. That means between 8,000 and 11,000 pets are euthanized every day simply because they are homeless. An animal in a shelter is killed every 6.5 seconds. Only one animal in 10 born in the U.S. gets a good home that lasts a lifetime. It costs less to spay or neuter your pet than it does to raise a litter of puppies or kittens.  Between three and four million pets are euthanized every year because they are homeless - that's 60% of dogs and 70% of cats. As upsetting as these numbers are, they represent a 75% reduction in euthanasia since the 1970s. Why? Because more and more people are getting their pets spayed and neutered!

These alarming statistics present a good enough reason, all by themselves, for preventing more pet animal births. Simply put, the widespread failure to spay or neuter cats & dogs results in homelessness, misery, cruelty, and death.

If it works, then why should I spay/neuter?

If not, maybe this FAQ will help….

Should chemical birth control replace surgical spay/neuter of feral cats?

No, the use of birth control is meant to only complement traditional TNR in feral colonies. Many of us have to pay for spay/neuter out of our own pockets. Some caretakers can only afford one spay/neuter a month per colony.

In that time, several more kittens could be born to the colony, thus making it almost impossible to TNR the entire colony on such a limited budget. This is where the use of MA as a birth control comes into play. It allows the colony caretakers to get an edge on the birth rate within the colony until the entire colony can be TNR’ed. Once all of the ferals in the colony are spayed/neutered, the colony will diminish over time by natural attrition.

Do you know a vet that will Rx me MA? Do you sell it? Can you get it for me?

No, no, no. Please do not email me asking these questions. Again, MA is affordable and easily obtained from Ebay without a Rx. Many people are using the Ebay MA from Bulgaria with excellent results. Just do a simple search on Ebay for megestrol acetate or nonovulin.


Is MA safe for male cats, pregnant cats, nursing cats, kittens?

MA is perfectly safe for pregnant and nursing cats, male cats, as well as kittens. Just follow the LOW doses as we have outlined on this website. Also, MA will NOT abort a pregnant female!

Are you making money off this site? Do you ask for or accept donations? Are you receiving money from any company or person for endorsement of MA?

The answer is NO! to all of the above! I pay for all expenses for this site out of my own pocket. I do not ask for donations nor will I accept any. I am not being paid by any pharmaceutical company or any other representative of any company or any individual. If you find any information on this website useful and would like to help, I ask that you just make a donation to your local animal shelter or rescue group. Buy them some cat or dog food...pay for a spay or neuter job for someone that can’t afford it. Volunteer at your local shelter...do anything you can to help control the pet population. If you just have to donate something to me, just donate your KNOWLEDGE such as how MA is working for you, your experiences with using MA, any side effects, etc. I want to keep this site updated with information from people out there that are involved with feral cat rescue. If you have ideas for me that you would like for me to publish here, just email me. If you appreciate this site & feel like it has helped you, just email and tell me so as I’d love to know that this website is indeed making a difference in controlling feral cat colonies. Please don’t waste your time sending me “hate email”—I get enough of that from the “cat haters” out there already. I just delete it and move on. I do NOT want monetary donations! Spend your money on your local shelter.