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Did you know it takes up to 100 dumb animals to make a fur coat, but only one to wear it?

Florida Cat News


An excellent site for feral cat news maintained by Barbara Lewis, the one responsible for researching the side effects of MA as mentioned earlier on this website.

Fairchild Foundation is a TNR non-profit site. Dr. Jennifer Fry, DVM,  posted on their site the dosages and mixing guidelines of MA, thus opening the door for those of us that were in need of a Feralstat replacement. Please consider making a donation to Fairchild Foundation if you find any information on this website useful.

The SkeptVet

I myself am a skeptic when it comes to extraordinary claims of alternative medical treatments. Sadly, some people forego professional medical attention for their pets and instead opt for wild claims of alternative veterinary techniques. The SkeptVet debunks many of these claims. Please visit their site before wasting your money & endangering your pet’s life on quack remedies.

The Old Country Vet

A great book written by Dr. James L. Busby, DVM, “How To Afford Veterinary Care Without Mortgaging the Kids”.

I have bought this book—use Google to find it.

The Cat Doctor

If you live in the NW Louisiana or East Texas area, you should consider The Cat Doctor of Shreveport, LA for all your feline medical needs. I have used Dr. Coker, DVM, Ph.D, and was very pleased with her knowledge, caring, and compassion for cats. A 5-star rating as for facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. You don’t have to worry about your kitty being kenneled with barking dogs and other animals. ONLY felines allowed here! Your kitty will love you for using The Cat Doctor.


Terrierman’s Daily Dose Blog


This blog maintained by Patrick Burns has absolutely NOTHING to do with felines. In fact it deals with working terrier dogs. I just enjoy reading his blog daily as I have picked up a lot of money saving tips for veterinary care as well as some great sarcasm, humor, and political musings as well.

Crosley IcyBall Site


Yet another site that has absolutely nothing to do with felines or even animals for that matter. This is my own personal site devoted to the infamous and much sought after “Crosley IcyBall”. 


99.99% of you reading this now will have no idea what a Crosley IcyBall is. I won’t tell you here, you’ll just have to visit my site. One is pictured below. Congratulations if you know what it is. If you have no clue what this thing does, then visit my site to see for yourself. Have fun! — Dean Jones

A Crosley IcyBall, circa 1929