Who I am...


Many people email & ask about me. “Who are you?” they ask. I have added this page to explain that.


My name is Dean Jones & I live in the small East Texas town of Carthage. East Texas is definitely not the most “animal friendly” part of the state (or the South even) to say the least. I am an amateur magician & have been a 32+ year member of the International Brotherhood Of Magicians, reaching the “Order Of Merlin” status. Magic is a hobby of mine. Animals are a passion for me.


I turn 64 years old in October of 2020 & I have been involved in animal rescue & animal “liberation” for over 52+ years. I was president of the local humane society for a while until it closed a few years ago.


I have spent thousands of $$$ of my own money rescuing animals & taking care of them. I make nothing from this site & I have never accepted donations from anyone. Please donate to a local shelter if you feel this site has helped you in any way. Better yet, pay for a spay or neuter for someone who can’t afford it.


I am a devout vegan & have been for several years now. I do NOT eat animals nor any product that comes from an animal, including honey, eggs, fish, chicken, seafood, dairy etc. I believe that no living creature should have to die to feed me.


When I became vegan, I immediately lost over 47 lbs in 2 months. I was “border line” diabetic, high cholesterol, high A1C & high blood pressure. I am happy to report that all my blood levels are now normal & I take NO medicine now. I drink only water.


I take only extremely high dosages of liposomal vitamin C daily &  only herbal supplements. I take zero “dot com” medicines as I call them. I sincerely believe that most all diseases can be cured by a whole food plant based diet. Even cancer can be cured by herbs….the truth is out there...believe me!


Many people ask me “Where do you get your protein if you’re vegan?” My answer is “If you don’t ask me about my protein, I won’t ask you about your cholesterol.” :)


Seriously, I can assure you that I get way MORE protein from a whole food plant based diet than you do from a “dead animal carcass” & “SAD” diet...which is a “Standard American Diet”. That’s  enough about my diet. I choose not to eat animals & I don’t care if you do….it’s your body & your health...I have very few vegan friends in this area of TX. LOL


Being a “male animal rights activist” in East Texas is also rare as I said East Texas is NOT animal friendly.


I get a LOT of “hate-mail” from people that hate animals, especially cats, just for having this site up. Some of the hate e-mails are even border-line death threats, but I persevere and continue this website & have done so for over 8 years.


If you’d like to contact me via email, do so below. It is a secure way of contacting me. If you know me & would like to discuss MA dosing on a personal basis, contact me and ask for my personal cell phone number. I may or may not give it to you...it all depends on who you are. We can then text or call each other on a one-on-one basis for MA questions.


I am always available to help you in any way I can to help control the pet population. Thank you for visiting my site!


Remember, people who abuse animals rarely stop there. Studies show that people who abuse animals also abuse their kids. If you see an animal being mistreated, please report it! Because the parent who comes home & kicks the cat is probably just warming up!


Dean Jones,

Carthage, TX